Heat pumps

Heat pumps
The heat pump is characterized by reliability and economy, while the energy you get is free from the environment and also reduces the cost of heating. Compared with competing heating systems, heat pumps operate extremely economically because of their effect bringing up to three times less primary energy than, for example, gas or oil boilers.

The principle of operation of heat pumps is known. When the heat pump is the opposite of the process of the refrigerator. The pump takes heat from the surroundings by means of electricity that drives the compressor, heat changes to useful energy. It can then be used for heating or even cooling.

Procurement of heat pumps has the following advantages: lower heating costs by 80%, at the place where it is installed, does not cause any type of pollution, extremely quiet, except grejanjai cooling, is easy and cheap maintenance.

There are three basic versions of heat pumps according to the medium (environment), and the medium is heated. So we know that the system heat pump air / water, water / water, salt water /water. For brand-type heat pumps, primarily sets whose source it takes the heat, and in the medium that is heated.

The ratio of paid energy (electricity) to free energy (received from the environment) is typically from 1/3 to 1/5. The ratio between the received heat and energy input is called the coefficient of heating or COP.

Wire heat pump is simple. Each display is marked serial number so that the user knows exactly what side of the menu at any time. The commands are written in text form. Energy efficient operation of the heating device depends primarily on the effective regulation of the heat pump must have an intelligent electronic control operation of the heat pump. Regulates the correctness of the operation of the device itself due to foreign import and export parameter The main equipment room for basic settings, such as: mode, temperature level, temperature settings, and on / off device.

Heat pumps with the tags 9i, 12i, 14i, 18i, include the water heater while heat pumps with labels 9,12, 14, 18 do not have a water heater

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