Fireplace stoves

Our modern stoves with timeless design and elements of pure lines allows our stoves range to blend in in a variety of environments. The range boasts the latest combustion technology, making it highly efficient and user friendly. The shape and neat size allow them to be positioned anywhere in a room.

We intend to keep a high quality product. Only using the best of materials for the customers satisfaction and safety. The combustion chamber has a dump grate and ash tray and a vermiculite lining with a higher density than normal, just for making our high standards. The door are manufactured in a five milimeter sheet of high quality swedish steel. The glass panels are made of 4 mm thick glass. The handle are in chrome that doesn't tear off after a while of use opening the door to lit a fire. The log compartment door is always standard on all four models!

Sopstone top and base are optional extras. And the range is suitable for both outdoor air connection and a fan.